Updated 2-11-18

I acquired my original Sions from John Celia of Silver Springs Maryland. Mr. Celia had an outstanding long distance record with these birds. There are many 500 - 600 mile daybirds to this family's credit. In addition to their superior performance these Maryland Sions had every physical characteristic I wanted in a racing pigeon. Their build, feather texture and spirit embodied what my ideal racing pigeon should be.

After breeding these "Maryland" Sions for several years I decided I needed to freshen the gene pool. 

I brought in a few birds from Dr. Gil Rinard. The most notable of these was  "RAINMAN" who is a direct son of "PLATINUM" 1st National Ace USA, ARPU Marathon Tripple Crown 2000, Peach State Combine 1st club 2nd combine 602 miles 1998, 1st combine 490 miles, 2nd club, 4th combine 490 miles and 11th club, 15th combine 602 miles in 2000. "PLATINUM" was a direct son of "RAINRIDER" 1st 600 miles and 1st 500 miles. These birds are line bred from "LIDO" sire of sixteen 1st 100-600 miles.  These birds also carry blood from many of DR. Rinards other great racers including : "RAMBO", "SPARK", "ELEGANCE", "STEADY EDDIE", "SUNSET" "ROSE BUD", "HERCULES",  "PAULINE", "JOSSEPHINE", "MARTIN", "WHITE LIGHTNING", "QUEEN", "RAINY DAY GIRL", and "SILVER STREAK".

The Sions I have today are the result of blending these two great families.

Quality Sion homing pigeons.

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